EuroPartsOnline F8X F0X F1X DCT Transmission Service Kit

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The DCT transmission in your BMW is nothing short of incredible and exhilarating, but also astronomically expensive to replace. BMW has been labeling fluids as "lifetime" for quite some time now, and as enthusiasts and owners have learned over the years, there simply is no fluid that lasts a lifetime.

With that being said, EuroPartsOnline has assembled a proper DCT service kit that takes the guesswork out of the equation. No need to track down the correct fluid and plugs, simply open the box, and get the job done the correct way. By servicing your DCT transmission, you will be assured that old, broken down fluid won't cause a several thousand dollar nightmare. EuroPartsOnline recommends this service every 40,000 miles to keep your transmission going strong for years to come.

Kit includes:

  • 5 quarts of Pentosin DCTF-1 fluid
  • DCT transmission cartridge and suction filters
  • Drain and fill plugs

Please note: We include 5 quarts of DCT fluid because without a GT1 diagnostic tool and much more involved labor, you will not be able to replace over 5 quarts of fluid. Many elect to do this service and simply flush the fluid 5,000 miles later to ensure all fluid has been flushed, but this is not mandatory.

Both the cartridge and suction filters have their own challenges in replacing. For best results, replace both.