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With the permission from Chuck we are now offering his i4 iPhone MagSafe Charger setup.

The BMW wireless charger is underwhelming, in that it charges very slowly and overheats for many people when using carplay. Since the BMW wireless charger is qi and not MagSafe, it is limited to 7.5W charging speeds, and has alignment issues, which we suspect contributes to the overheating problem.

Chuck set out to design his own wireless charger, built around an Apple MagSafe charger, that would allow the full 15W charging speeds, as well as magnetic alignment. This was designed for an iPhone 13 pro, but the camera clearance should accommodate most MagSafe phones.

We print the base and cover with ABS to prevent warping from extreme temperature.

Roll up the excess cable inside the enclosure. Paint the exposed cable black to blend in better if you prefer. The front/back fit snugly into the existing digital key tray, so there's no need to affix the charger to the tray.

We do not know if this works on top of the official BMW wireless charger. It does however allow the phone to be used as a digital key. 

Parts you will need to order to complete the kit: